Lauren Drain trabaja como especialista en emergecias cardíacas pero si te atiende podria provocarte un infarto

Qué ironía, esta enfermera es el material del que están hechos los sueños, y aunque es especialista en atender emergencias cardíacas, más bien parece la causante de los infartos.

Fell in love with paradise but already missing home, my Max and my daily gym routine ?.

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Taken at the beginning of my vacation when I still had abs ?? I love to travel but I hate the struggle that comes with finding a gym or time to work out, resisting the urge to try something taste or have a few social drinks ? This is why I preach the 80/20 lifestyle & to strive for progress not perfection. Live your life & enjoy it? Don't be a gym rat eating chicken & broccoli for the rest of your life; find a balance that keeps you sane & social. And don't be the person that thinks being fit & healthy is all about being ON 100% of the time, it's not so black & white ? If you're interested in learning more about how I train & eat, visit my website – link in bio or ••• Photo by @theiobot

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Because I love this photo ?

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Lauren Drain es una mujer fitness que ha logrado juntar más de 3.5 millones de seguidores en Instagram. Durante 10 años se ha dedicado a trabajar como enfermera especializada en emergencias cardíacas.

Strive for progress, not perfection. Life is about the journey, the challenge, the lessons, the ups AND the DOWNS. If you never have setbacks, you'll never learn anything about yourself; you'll never learn perseverance, determination and discipline. If the journey was a perfect line going straight up, where would the blood sweat and tears be? Where would your inner pride and confidence come from? How could you look at a challenge again and say, I can do this. Confidence does not come from perfection. It comes from progressing and knowing you always have the ability to do so. It comes from knowing setbacks are not failure. They are stepping stones to success. The setbacks give the success so much more meaning. They tell a story of how you endured. Be proud of your obstacles and learn to get around them. Progress, not perfection. @samuellathrop | @jessicakeehus

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I'm 5'5 & weigh anywhere between 130-140lbs based on my goals, workouts & nutrition??‍♀️ I used to obsess about my "ideal" weight, a number I always thought would make me feel at ease, happy & a number that was always lower than where I was. Now, I don't give a damn about the scale – I only care about how I feel, how my clothes fit & how I look in the mirror. The funny thing is I now weigh MORE than I did at the age of 21, 25 or 28… yet I feel like a new, confident, strong & happy woman ? Ans I eat more ? With all my clients I try & teach them that the scale is NOT the ultimate gauge for success – it's inches lost! If you could look your ideal way would you take that over weighing some random number you desire? ? Join my 6 week fitness challenge & let me teach you my ways ?? I've now helped thousands of men & women transform their lives ?? See link in my bio or visit

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En Instagram comparte tips sobre cómo ejercitarse y ponerse en forma. Además es una escritora reconocida, es autora del bestseller Banished: Surviving my years in the Westboro Baptist Church.
En este libro detalla su experiencia en la Iglesia Bautista de Westboro y cómo la abandonó.

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List your two favorite forms of cardio! 1️⃣hiking ??‍♀️2️⃣ dancing ?? Lens | @theiobot

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En entrevista con el Daily Star, la tonificada enfermera explicó que ella no tenía intención de convertirse en estrella de Instagram hasta que empezó a inspirar a sus seguidores con sus consejos sobre fitness.

Because everyone always ask: 5'5 & about 138lbs in this pic ? What else you wanna know? ? ••• Photo by the hubs: @theiobot

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Strong is beautiful ⛏

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Pero todos estamos muy agradecidos de que así sucediera.

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